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21 May

How long has it been since you played in the dirt? There a lot to be said about the benefit of gardening – not just for the fresh organic food.
Getting your hands dirty in the garden can increase your serotonin levels – contact with soil and a specific soil bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers the release of serotonin in our brain according to research. Serotonin is a happy chemical, a natural anti-depressant and strengthens the immune system. Lack of serotonin in the brain causes depression.
Ironically, in the face of our hyper-hygienic, germicidal, protective clothing, obsessive health-and-safety society, there’s been a lot of interesting research emerging in recent years regarding how good dirt is for us, and dirt-deficiency in childhood is implicated in contributing to quite a spectrum of illnesses including allergies, asthma and mental disorders.
At least now I have a new insight into why I compulsively garden without gloves and have always loved the feeling of getting my bare hands into the dirt and compost heap.
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There’s much more to be said about the benefits, who needs gardening tips?πŸ€“

10 Apr

Work in progress, I start everything from seed and perfect time with all this rain.
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I’ve had a major problem with snails in my garden, they obviously love purple bean plants.
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They can carry parasites so I don’t handle them – best trick is to pour salt on them, they quickly die and no need for poisons in the garden.
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If you see your plant leaves devoured or with little holes – you probably have slugs or snails.
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Only bad thing using salt is the little $&@?%# only come out late at night.
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You can also use eggs shells and crumble them up and spread them out near where they like to eat.
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I also use marigolds, rosemary and lemon balm plants to keep bad critters away – they don’t like the smell.
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Last gardening tip, for those of you who kill plants like it’s your job…brown leaves mean not enough water and yellow leaves means to much water.
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