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30 May

This is why you hire a trainer, to take you past that comfort zone, prove to yourself that you’re stronger than what you believe and the greatest achievement…results! DM me for more information, it’s to time to grand SD!

16 Jan

Having a little fun with the SMTF Family – love to be challenged and get out of that comfort zone.
What do you plan on this year to get out of yours, what new experiences do you plan on this year.
I’m a big believer in writing your workouts and in your nutrition intake. You’re struggling to achieve better results nine times out of 10 it’s due to the same lifestyle same routine same boring workouts.
I will help you achieve new horizons, better physique, increased cardio, decrease body fat and provide the best nutrition advice for your goals.
Sign up for Private or Group Training and get my nutrition fundamental plan FREE until the end of the month.
Active military and veterans receive 15% off for life – thank you for your service!
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