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14 Aug

Happy Friday everyone – be motivated by what you can do, not defeated by what you can’t. Enjoy your weekend!
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13 Jul

Got goals?? So do I – the month of August will be a special treat! Will begin the 30-30-30 transformation workouts.
This is my current situation and plan on fine tuning the rest of August – I do this every year for my bday 08-24.
It forces me to push myself even harder than last year – I look in the mirror and that’s my competition.
You will want to join this routine, DM me for details, not in this alone – join me and transform your body!

01 Jul

Hip thrust goal: 315 lbs. this week 405 lbs. next week. Major focus on legs and booty which helps with overall muscle development.
Guys and girls – if you’re not hitting legs twice a week then you’ll always be struggling to maintain a lean physique.
For men the twice a week rule helps increase testosterone – which helps other parts of your body grow as well.
Girls you know the benefits – no need to even say it!

30 May

Make your workouts fun, challenging and best to crush it with those who will bring out your best.
What accomplishments do you have planned for the upcoming months – time to rise up again after this long quarantine.

30 May

This is why you hire a trainer, to take you past that comfort zone, prove to yourself that you’re stronger than what you believe and the greatest achievement…results! DM me for more information, it’s to time to grand SD!

22 Mar

Hope everyone is doing well and surviving the pandemic.
I will still be doing online training via mobile app or Skype, weight loss coaching and group training online.
For the interested parties wanting group training I’m selling a small set of weights, bands and other essentials so everyone can perform the same workout routine from their own home.
Keeping your immune system strong right now is extremely important.
I’m recommending three products for my clients to stay healthy, DM me and let’s discuss options to keep fit and healthy until this is all over.

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