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30 May

This is why you hire a trainer, to take you past that comfort zone, prove to yourself that you’re stronger than what you believe and the greatest achievement…results! DM me for more information, it’s to time to grand SD!

26 Mar

You’ve worked so hard for your goals for those who were actively on a fitness mission before all this happened.
Don’t throw all your hard work away just because you don’t have a gym to go to. That’s just an excuse!
And for those who haven’t started your journey now is a perfect opportunity to educate yourself and start being active.
I’m helping all my clients stay in shape and continue to lose weight. Doesn’t matter if you have any equipment at home – if you do then that’s an extra bonus.
I’ll help guide you through a 30-45 minute session virtually and offering my weight loss nutrition program.
Hope you are all well and keeping a positive mindset – if you feel fear or lackadaisical a little physical activity can change your mindset.
My client Rachel has made great progress through all of this and together we will get through this.
Keep up the awesome work @_raquelorozco – one day at a time!
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27 Feb

Looking for good tips for that summer body? Start adding speed, agility and sprints to your normal routine.
Start now and in 2-3 weeks you’ll start seeing your body change. I recommend starting 3 times a week and do a small routine like the video.
Take yourself out of that comfort zone if you’re looking for changes or improvements in your fitness journey.
DM me with questions, if you didn’t get your workout yet…don’t make an excuse like I’m tired get in your way.
You’re simply tired because you haven’t done any physical activity – it gives you energy and forces you to eat better.

22 Jan

Not seeing results? It comes down to diet, rest, intensity and the type of training you do.
Men do best eating 4-6 meals a day – and woman do best eating 3 meals and 1-2 snacks. Snacks and meals should be spaced about 3 hours apart, this ensures you’re not overeating and that you eat until satisfied not full.
If what you’re doing in your current routine isn’t changing your body – then you need to put forth more effort.
The last very important part of the equation is hydration – the more water you drink the less your body will hold on to. Check the color of your urine (shhhh…just do it) – if it’s yellow, has an oder or you’re low on energy it’s probably due to lack of water.
Hit me up if you need some pointers – enjoy your day Insta Fans!

08 Jan

This little man is ready to take on the world, love his energy!
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07 Jan

Back, core and flexibility – some of my favorite exercises to through at my clients.
Make sure to breathe continually throughout the exercise – hold your breathe for even a second or two will not feel good.
Best to keep the body relaxed as much as possible, also good for tight hamstrings and lower back.
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20 Dec

CAULIFLOWER SPINACH KOMBUCHA SMOOTHIE💚 With so many delicious holiday treats, I always make sure to get all my veggies & healthy foods in too🤗
This green smoothie is my new favorite breakfast because it’s got fruits, veggies, & the one thing I can’t go a day without- my @gtskombucha 😍 Especially the Multi- Greens because it’s my all time favorite flavor🤩 Here’s how I make it:
2 cups @gtskombucha Multi-Greens
1 cup spinach
1 cup frozen mango
1 kiwi
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 date
1 cup steamed, then frozen cauliflower
Throw all of your ingredients in a high speed blender & you’re good to go🤩 I know cauliflower in a smoothie might sound kind of weird, but it just thickens the smoothie & adds more nutrients and you seriously don’t taste it at all!
Have an awesome Friday all you fitness freaks! 🤩💚

16 Dec

You aren’t entitled to shit, you have to earn your way to be great. Put ample time into your dream – focus on it daily and envision your dream as reality every day. Goals will be achieved after your biggest disappointment, right after you get up from falling down. Never give up, push harder than what your think and enjoy the reward of saying I did it!

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