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10 Apr

Work in progress, I start everything from seed and perfect time with all this rain.
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I’ve had a major problem with snails in my garden, they obviously love purple bean plants.
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They can carry parasites so I don’t handle them – best trick is to pour salt on them, they quickly die and no need for poisons in the garden.
. 💀 🛑 ☠️
If you see your plant leaves devoured or with little holes – you probably have slugs or snails.
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Only bad thing using salt is the little $&@?%# only come out late at night.
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You can also use eggs shells and crumble them up and spread them out near where they like to eat.
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I also use marigolds, rosemary and lemon balm plants to keep bad critters away – they don’t like the smell.
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Last gardening tip, for those of you who kill plants like it’s your job…brown leaves mean not enough water and yellow leaves means to much water.
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26 Mar

You’ve worked so hard for your goals for those who were actively on a fitness mission before all this happened.
Don’t throw all your hard work away just because you don’t have a gym to go to. That’s just an excuse!
And for those who haven’t started your journey now is a perfect opportunity to educate yourself and start being active.
I’m helping all my clients stay in shape and continue to lose weight. Doesn’t matter if you have any equipment at home – if you do then that’s an extra bonus.
I’ll help guide you through a 30-45 minute session virtually and offering my weight loss nutrition program.
Hope you are all well and keeping a positive mindset – if you feel fear or lackadaisical a little physical activity can change your mindset.
My client Rachel has made great progress through all of this and together we will get through this.
Keep up the awesome work @_raquelorozco – one day at a time!
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22 Feb

I don’t see enough people out there doing reverse curls, this adds a whole new dimension to your forearms and biceps.
These can be done wide or close grip, start off with light weight and perfect your firm before you get all crazy with max weight.
Tuck your elbows tight to the ribs, elbow directly under the shoulder and keep the wrists straight.
After you’re a bit burned the tendency is to bend at the wrist which cuts the forearm muscles out. Not good!
Never compromise your form for an extra rep, form is everything when isolating and building the perfect physique.
Add 3 sets of 10-15 reps, depending on your goals less weight and higher reps means shreds and lean muscle. Lower reps and higher weight will give you bulk and gains!.
. 🏋🏽‍♂️
Now go get those 💪🏼