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23 Nov

Youโ€™ll always feel better after its over! Get some, Iโ€™ll be your motivation – come to Self Made Training Facility in Mission Bay for a great fitness experience. Get 50% OFF – limited availability, start today!!

04 Nov

Get the best out of your investment, if youโ€™re not seeing results in the past 1-2 months – itโ€™s time to rethink your plan of attack.
I create a simple easy to follow routine for training, nutrition and stress relief. Everything you need is a phone call or email away – letโ€™s create one for you today!!

04 Nov

So proud of my client @_raquelorozco – sheโ€™s lost 11lbs and started her transformation. The pic above is 4 weeks of my fitness + nutrition combo that works for any lifestyle. Canโ€™t wait to see more results – keep up the great work!