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26 Mar

You’ve worked so hard for your goals for those who were actively on a fitness mission before all this happened.
Don’t throw all your hard work away just because you don’t have a gym to go to. That’s just an excuse!
And for those who haven’t started your journey now is a perfect opportunity to educate yourself and start being active.
I’m helping all my clients stay in shape and continue to lose weight. Doesn’t matter if you have any equipment at home – if you do then that’s an extra bonus.
I’ll help guide you through a 30-45 minute session virtually and offering my weight loss nutrition program.
Hope you are all well and keeping a positive mindset – if you feel fear or lackadaisical a little physical activity can change your mindset.
My client Rachel has made great progress through all of this and together we will get through this.
Keep up the awesome work @_raquelorozco – one day at a time!
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25 Mar

Since we can’t enjoy the sunsets as usual – wanted to share this from about a week ago.
It’s times like these we can reflect on the simple things we take for granted.
It’s up to each of us to be responsible – I’m not just talking about washing our hands and social distancing.
I’ve seen the grocery stores full of fruits and vegetables still, that means the majority of the population is living on packaged proceed “foods”.
Staying healthy and keeping a strong immune system is also our responsibility.
So make sure to do 30 minutes of exercise, walking, run stairs, pushups, mountain climbers, jump squats whatever it is get it in daily.
This will keep your blood sugars under control and help with your mental game as well.
I’ll be posting ways to keep muscle mass on, how to actually lose weight during this event and the two highly recommended things to add daily for your nutrition and immune system.
Stay tuned I’ll be posting more good essentials very soon!

22 Feb

I don’t see enough people out there doing reverse curls, this adds a whole new dimension to your forearms and biceps.
These can be done wide or close grip, start off with light weight and perfect your firm before you get all crazy with max weight.
Tuck your elbows tight to the ribs, elbow directly under the shoulder and keep the wrists straight.
After you’re a bit burned the tendency is to bend at the wrist which cuts the forearm muscles out. Not good!
Never compromise your form for an extra rep, form is everything when isolating and building the perfect physique.
Add 3 sets of 10-15 reps, depending on your goals less weight and higher reps means shreds and lean muscle. Lower reps and higher weight will give you bulk and gains!.
. 🏋🏽‍♂️
Now go get those 💪🏼

16 Dec

People who aren’t on a mission will try to tear you down, test your character, question your ability and even say you can’t do it. Control the situation by using their negative emotions to ignite your fuel inside you. Be determined to get up every day to chase your goals – no matter how many times you failed, you simply need to fine tune your recipe. Have faith and stay focused!