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01 Aug

I’m currently taking on a few more clients at Self Made Training Facility Mission Bay. Yes we are still OPEN.
Offering private and small group training, indoor/outdoor workouts, boxing, self-defense and weight loss.
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I continue to serve people because I believe in keeping individuals immune system strong, fitness helps with stress and great for mental health.
Sitting at home in fear and watching the news is NOT a practice I engage in, and never will be.
I fought 8 years for my freedom and will not give in so easily when in my heart and mind I’m doing what I feel is best for my clients/friends/family.
Pleased stay β€œUnited”, more compassionate, stop living in fear, take charge of your life and be the best version of yourself.
Footnote: We are taking everyone’s health serious, extra cleaning, sanitizing machines and weights before and after use. We are also a Private Facility – not a membership gym.