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27 Feb

Looking for good tips for that summer body? Start adding speed, agility and sprints to your normal routine.
Start now and in 2-3 weeks you’ll start seeing your body change. I recommend starting 3 times a week and do a small routine like the video.
Take yourself out of that comfort zone if you’re looking for changes or improvements in your fitness journey.
DM me with questions, if you didn’t get your workout yet…don’t make an excuse like I’m tired get in your way.
You’re simply tired because you haven’t done any physical activity – it gives you energy and forces you to eat better.

10 Jan

Chris gettin it in, try these battle rope boat pose for abs.
Make sure not to round your back – that ensures you don’t sit on your tailbone while you perform this exercise.
You can also use a yoga mat or some form of cushion for added protection.
If you’re just trying these for the first time try 30 seconds and then build your way up by increasing 10-15 seconds there after.
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