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Small Group Training


Private Small Group Training

Enjoy your workouts with others and make new friends or bring your own!

Defined Personal Training

Founded in 2000
About - Defined Personal Training owned by Todd Coburn and he's also an elite personal trainer. He has over 18+ years of experience and served over 3,500 happy clients.

Service Locations

San Diego County
Defined P.T. offers training locations and state of the art facilities. No matter where you live or work we will have a convenient place for your training sessions.

Custom Fitness

Services Offered
Todd will help organize your weekly training schedule and offer the best recommended services. All clients receive a customized plan that best suit your specific fitness goals.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Guarantee
Our core success is purely based on your results, with our client a retention rate of over 85% - we can guarantee results and complete customer satisfaction.
small group training

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Todd Coburn

President - Owner
Todd Coburn server 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, after his tour he decided personal training was a passion he wanted to peruse and help other achieve their best.

B.S. Natural Health

Nutrition & Health Coach
Todd holds a B.S. in Natural Health, which means you have an added bonus when hiring him, he will educate you to perform your best with his expertise in nutrition.

Personal Achievement

Todd is accredited through ACE, IFFA, Yoga & Fitness Instructor, CPR/First Aid Certified, Health Coach and over 15+ years in boxing, kickboxing and self-defense training.

Humble Warrior

Total Dedication
No matter what level of your current training ability is, Todd will build a tailored regiment that is perfect for seeing results that keep you motivated to workout.
small group training

Small Group Training


1 Session           $55.00

10 Sessions      $500.00

20 Sessions      $950.00