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SKC – CBD Oral Tincture

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Extra Strength CBD Topical Cream is our prime pain-relieving product. Volunteers with a large variety of medically diagnosed conditions who apply Extra Strength Topical have reported it to be very effective at reducing pain within minutes, a relief that lasts for 5 to 12 hours. Repeated applications of Extra Strength Topical were reported as producing identical pain relief.

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1 oz bottle w/ measured dropper  – Contains 600 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per oz – 1 drop = 1mg

The oral Tincture is pure CO2 extracted hemp in refined, organic hemp seed oil. To use, apply 1 drop under the tongue or to food just before eating. Dietary Supplement* Hemp Tincture: 20mg of hemp extract per 20 drops (1ml=1mg).

Suggested Use: Take 5mg or 5 drops, twice per day (Daily total approx. 10 drops=10mg). May add to drinks and food.
How to use: To use, apply 1-10 drops under the tongue or to food just before eating.
Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed oil, refined Hemp extract, Lavender terpenes

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