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QuiFit Water Bottle with Straw




Achieve Your Hydration Goal!

Innovative Time Marker

You’ll be inspired to want to drink more water with the encouraging quote reminder of the daily benefits.​
Side tick marks help you to know how much water you’ve drunk.

With Straw

Don’t need to til it to drink.

Dust Cover

Never let dust in.

Large opening, easy to refill

A wide opening allows quick refilling without spilling and makes it easy to add pieces of fruit or ice cubes.

Portable and Easy to carry

With durable fashionable strap and handle , easy to carry.
Light weight to be portable for many occasions.

BPA-Free and and meets FDA standard

100% BPA Free PETG which is tough,safe & healthy material for water bottles.
100% recycled.
Only to the water temperature below 56℃.

3 Sizes to Choose

Multiple Colors Available

Various Patterns

Warm Notice

✘ Not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher!

✘ Not applicable for liquids above 56 ° C.

✘ Please do not fall.

✘ Do not use in microwaves.

✘ Please do not leave in the car on a hot day.


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