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Optimal Fitness Nutrition

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We are happy to see your interest in making a new lifestyle change, with the Optimal Nutrition Plan, make sure to visit our Testimonials page. Here you will find resources that offer everything you need to start a new and exciting lifestyle. It’s easy to follow, no more counting calories – only colors, no more binging and has everything you need to obtain any goal.




It’s recommend to start with the free 30 Day Jump Start plan before starting the Optimal Nutrition Plan. There are several important lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to maximize your efforts while achieving spectacular results.

Counting macros, intake of calories, calories burned, steps taken in a day are what most people track – but, one should be tracking whole food intake and the color combinations. If you’d like some advice from our nutrition experts, simply complete the Online Food Journal, and one of our nutrition experts will be sure to following up with you.

The Optimal Nutrition plan is simple to follow:

1. receive add-on lifestyle changes to empower your body from the inside
2. learn how to boost your immune system and stay healthy
3. get informed on disease names and how they are misleading
4. receive tips and tricks how to easily beast the “bad” cravings
5. 21 tips for fitness success, true inside secrets from a professional
6. no more counting calories, only color combinations

Included are 5 eBooks and contain the subjects below:

• nutrition counseling
• fitness guidelines and tips
• how to achieve your goals
• assessing dietary habits
• nutritional guidelines
• water intake rules
• detoxifying the body
• weight loss/gain solutions
• healing the digestive system
• alternatives to medications
• disease prevention
• control emotional eating
• identify disease conditions
• reasons for a natural approach
• how to heal yourself
• benefits of Naturopathy
• addressing chronic conditions
• new approach to well-being
• 21 fitness tips for success
• methods of working out
• expert weight loss tips
• how much exercise
• how to reach your goals
• best workouts for results



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