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Inertia Wave (3 Pack)

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Inertia Wave is safer and more effective than battle ropes

Designed to enhance your High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Tabata workouts, the Inertia Wave is far superior to battle ropes blowing them away in core engagement, energy systems, caloric expenditure, and cognitive skills. Include it to your every day routine to enhance athletic performance whether you’re an athlete, firefighter, military or law enforcement officer, or regularly engage in extremely demanding physical activities.

The Inertia Wave

  • Smooth, rhythmic, and coordinated movements.
  • Benefits your entire body and strengthens your core.
  • Less than 2.7 lbs., its lightweight, portable and easy to store.
  • With 30 ways to anchor you can work out and take it ANYWHERE!
  • Caloric Burn-EPOC far greater than Battle ropes (SCSU-MIT).
  • 100% Safe when properly practicing the 7-Methods of Use.
  • Does not fray, unwind or tear!
  • Cognitive connections are overwhelming, timing, hand eye coordination increased.

Battle Ropes

  • Extreme muscle torque & tension on wrist and shoulder joints.
  • Limited benefits engage anterior chain, bad posture
  • Heavy bulky expensive ropes clutter your workout space.
  • Fixed attachments force all energy into floor/anchor point.
  • Burns far less calories (Metabolic Labs SCSU-MIT)
  • A huge liability to your gym or club.
  • Frays, unwinds, plastic-dipped ends fall off.
  • Not a great way to enhance cognitive or athletic abilities


Learn the 7 Methods of Use for the Inertia Wave™ from Dave Parise on Vimeo.

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