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800 ML Portable Infusing Water Bottle




High quality & Brand new;
Lid internal use spiral technology, 
100% leak-proof and spill-proof Removable fruit holder design, 
can put fruit pulp in it, then relax with juices Anti-extrusion, 
anti-burst and anti-odor 

Bottle body and Lid Material:

PC and ABS With high impact resistance and high mechanical properties 

Fruit holder connector Material:

PP High strength,hardness and wear resistance.
The heat resistance is 120C Chemical resistance is good, 
against a variety of organic solvents and acid corrosion 

Hermetic rings Material: 

Silicone resin Made of high quality silicone material, no smell, 
safe and nontoxic. Can keep the original shape even withstand the high temperature 200C 

Fruit holder Material:

AS Colorless and transparent thermoplastic resin,has high temperature resistance and chemical resistance 



Size:6.8 x 24.5cm(included the lid) 



4117430666_749786722800-ML-Portable-fruit-Infusing-Infuser-Water-bottle-Sports-Lemon-Juice-Bottle-Flip-Lid-for-kitchen (1)800-ML-Portable-fruit-Infusing-Infuser-Water-bottle-Sports-Lemon-Juice-Bottle-Flip-Lid-for-kitchen (2)800-ML-Portable-fruit-Infusing-Infuser-Water-bottle-Sports-Lemon-Juice-Bottle-Flip-Lid-for-kitchen (3)800-ML-Portable-fruit-Infusing-Infuser-Water-bottle-Sports-Lemon-Juice-Bottle-Flip-Lid-for-kitchen8730960422_1758844168




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