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08 Jan

This little man is ready to take on the world, love his energy!
boxing littleman sandiegofit sandiego fitness titleboxing selfmade missionbay pointloma getsome gettinitin @justinejune @selfmadetrainingfacilitydiego

07 Jan

I’m not asking you…consider this is a calling, now go crush your without with passion and confidence!

07 Jan

Back, core and flexibility – some of my favorite exercises to through at my clients.
Make sure to breathe continually throughout the exercise – hold your breathe for even a second or two will not feel good.
Best to keep the body relaxed as much as possible, also good for tight hamstrings and lower back.
corestrength walkouts fitpro fitfam gains fitness sandiego sandiegofitness sandiegofit missionbay missionbeach pointloma selfmade @selfmadetrainingfacilitydiego

06 Jan

This girl is gettin it in today – looks easy but those forearms! Great work and new beginnings to start the year off right. MONDAY GAINS!
monday fitness newgoals newyear resultsdriven resultsmatter sandiego fitness sandiegofit @selfmadetrainingfacilitydiego

30 Dec

Sweet little outdoor patio calling my name when it’s warmer out. Found a new vegan hot spot – funky foods that taste great. No soy, no bad ingredients – this place is Todd approved.

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