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29 Jan

Check out this new clothing company – there clothing is amazing and super comfortable. San Diego Fit will be partnering with Born Tough to bring you the latest fashion trends and specials they offer on their website.

Click the link below and check them out, you wont be disappointed! Make sure to check out their other clothing items:

Elite SportsMen’s workout clothes , Bodybuilding clothes and workout joggers

09 Dec

1. They don’t fear to lead Great leaders are the frontrunners; they set an example by leading by example. Brave leaders always put themselves in harms way and lead by example. Meaning they would never ask their people to do something they wouldn’t do first. 2. They don’t change their vision A great leader has the vision and belief that any goal can be accomplished. They don’t make amendments in their vision, they motivate and use the command and energy to get it done. A leader’s role is to raise people’s ambitions and inspire people to thrive and live happy. 3. They don’t like to be a ruler They guide and mentor others to follow them. They don’t put restrictions on others so that they feel they are living under a dictatorship. 4. They don’t live in fear They don’t pay attention to the negative voices in their heads. They don’t let their fear stop them from taking risks. They don’t let fear inhibit growth and prosperity. 5. Leading through demands and control. Leaders lose respect when they have to rely on demands and control—and losing respect is fatal to leadership. Leaders may try to demand respect and control outcomes. But respect is earned, not demanded, and outcomes are outside their control. 6. I’m not here to make friends. The old school of leadership will tell you that leaders can’t be friends because it may lead to favoritism. But like friendship, true leadership involves selflessness and concern for the well-being of others, acting for their benefit rather than personal gain. Governor Newsom is the wealthiest governor in America – he continues to thrive while he mandates lockdowns, destroys families while he keeps his businesses open, does follow his own rules. And if you don’t listen he will institute police force, have you arrested and fined for non-compliance. Governor Newsom needs to be overthrown and here’s what needs to be done: An effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) was launched on June 10, 2020. Supporters of the recall have until March 17, 2021, to collect the 1,495,709 signatures needed to require a recall election. Please everyone, take a few minutes to to sign the petition:

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