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31 May

To me it’s not about weight loss, I tell all my clients to stay off the scale and to be comfortable in your own skin. Great job @_raquelorozco for sticking it out and finding your happiness.
Gyms will be open soon, DM me and get my Optimal Nutrition plan for FREE ($350.00 Value).
LIMITED OFFER – only the next 5 will receive the nutrition plan for free, sign up today!

30 May

Make your workouts fun, challenging and best to crush it with those who will bring out your best.
What accomplishments do you have planned for the upcoming months – time to rise up again after this long quarantine.

30 May

This is why you hire a trainer, to take you past that comfort zone, prove to yourself that you’re stronger than what you believe and the greatest achievement…results! DM me for more information, it’s to time to grand SD!

10 Apr

Work in progress, I start everything from seed and perfect time with all this rain.
.☔️ 🌧 ☁️
I’ve had a major problem with snails in my garden, they obviously love purple bean plants.
. 🐌 🐌 🐌
They can carry parasites so I don’t handle them – best trick is to pour salt on them, they quickly die and no need for poisons in the garden.
. 💀 🛑 ☠️
If you see your plant leaves devoured or with little holes – you probably have slugs or snails.
. 🐌 🌱 🐛
Only bad thing using salt is the little $&@?%# only come out late at night.
. 🌙 ✨ 🕛
You can also use eggs shells and crumble them up and spread them out near where they like to eat.
. 🥚 🐛 🐌
I also use marigolds, rosemary and lemon balm plants to keep bad critters away – they don’t like the smell.
. 🌸 🍋 🐛
Last gardening tip, for those of you who kill plants like it’s your job…brown leaves mean not enough water and yellow leaves means to much water.
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09 Apr

Another project done, this bike sat for 2 years and was a totally mess. Making sure to come out on top by completing all my projects. Ready to get back to work mode! Stay safe America
productive quarantine sandiego fitness stayhome keepbusy hobby honda vt1100 readytoride
@themadbeet @dominic.selfmade @selfmadetrainingfacilitydiego @ San Diego, California

25 Mar

Since we can’t enjoy the sunsets as usual – wanted to share this from about a week ago.
It’s times like these we can reflect on the simple things we take for granted.
It’s up to each of us to be responsible – I’m not just talking about washing our hands and social distancing.
I’ve seen the grocery stores full of fruits and vegetables still, that means the majority of the population is living on packaged proceed “foods”.
Staying healthy and keeping a strong immune system is also our responsibility.
So make sure to do 30 minutes of exercise, walking, run stairs, pushups, mountain climbers, jump squats whatever it is get it in daily.
This will keep your blood sugars under control and help with your mental game as well.
I’ll be posting ways to keep muscle mass on, how to actually lose weight during this event and the two highly recommended things to add daily for your nutrition and immune system.
Stay tuned I’ll be posting more good essentials very soon!

23 Feb

Overhead straight bar sit-ups – ads thick chunky blocks of abs. Of course abs are made in the kitchen but these bad boys will help build noticeable abs. Happy Sunday everyone!
Who has a hard time getting those abs to pop??

22 Feb

Jarhead teaching jarhead – one of my goals moving back to San Diego is to take care of Veterans and Active Duty personnel.
Happy to say my dreams came true, F-18 fighter pilot – gained 9 lbs in two weeks.
Bodybuilding show coming up this summer, feeling blessed today. 😇🙏Great job sir!

20 Feb

Never forget the core, abs, calves and stretching can be added to each workout. They are small but very important areas to focus your energy on.
Nothing worse than a guy with a big upper body, no calves and no abs.
Aesthetics and proper body composition is something that should be the main focus when fine tuning your last efforts in finally reaching your goals. @selfmadetrainingfacilitydiego

05 Feb

A smart breakfast with carbs, protein, chia seeds and fruits. Try 2nd Nature in PB @secondnaturepb – great service, food and atmosphere. I’ll be launching my new website for fitness businesses in the area. To check out the site go to: if you’re a local company that provides fitness, wellness or gym owner make sure to add your listing and gain exposure – think Yelp!

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