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01 Jul

Hip thrust goal: 315 lbs. this week 405 lbs. next week. Major focus on legs and booty which helps with overall muscle development.
Guys and girls – if you’re not hitting legs twice a week then you’ll always be struggling to maintain a lean physique.
For men the twice a week rule helps increase testosterone – which helps other parts of your body grow as well.
Girls you know the benefits – no need to even say it!

25 Jun


I’ve worked in the fitness industry for a long time and if there is one thing I know to be one hundred percent true, it’s this; the fitness industry is filled with thousands of people, wasting millions of dollars who will never achieve their goals. Why? What quality is it that determines the success of a client? Pretend for a moment you are a football coach. What determines whether an athlete makes your team or gets cut? The superstar athlete with the most talent is not going to be the only one to make the team.

There are going to be many other players that are successful at making the roster. How is the selection going to be made, and what qualities as a coach would you look for? I am guessing you would probably look for the athlete that is coachable and gives 110% percent all the time. Now let me ask you the most important two question anyone has probably ever asked you as a training client:

#1. Is there any reason you would select a player to be a part of your team who isn’t coachable or willing to put in the work?

#2. How much time and effort would you be willing to devote to that athlete?

Successful athletes know exactly what is required of them and they would never dream of telling their coach no or get caught dead not putting in the work, knowing they otherwise would not make the team. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the fitness industry because in the complex client/coach relationship, the “athlete” pays the coaches salary.

I will be entirely honest with you; the fitness industry is extremely difficult to be successful working in. So much so, that the average career life of a personal trainer is less than a year. Let me tell you something; trainers quickly become experts at assessing a client’s coachability and willingness to put in the work. If you show your trainer that you’re going to be an un-coachable athlete, unwilling to put in the work it takes to be successful; they will gladly take your money in exchange for chatting with you for an hour and making you feel a little bit better about yourself because you regularly go to the gym to “workout” with your trainer.

Those clients usually do not last long. They do not see any actual results and question why they are spending thousands of dollars on something that isn’t working. They then move on to try Pilates, or barre, or spin, or some other group fitness fad. They stick with it for a brief time, do not see results, and continue the cycle. DON’T BE THIS CLIENT!!!

The purpose of this article is not to tell you how rough trainers have it. Rather, to reveal to you how to get the most out of your training. We understand what it takes to make the team and the same drive that was in our coaches, it is in us. It is a rarity when God reaches down, and hand delivers a personal trainer a coachable client with the same willingness to succeed as an athlete desperate to make the team. After thanking their lucky stars, they take all our effort and pour it in to that client. That client is the reason trainers become trainers. It is fun and comes natural for trainers to push that individual to be successful.

I have seen those clients be successful working with great coaches and with coaches who have hardly any idea what they are doing. If your struggling to see results, before blaming your trainer, ask yourself how much effort you are putting in. If you were an athlete wanting to make the cut; would you? Are you showing your coach your willing to do what it takes? Trainers do not sign up expecting every client to be a superstar athlete. Your abilities have absolutely no impact on the effort your coach is willing to put into you.

If your mind went straight to that excuse, then that is a problem and you are probably the un-coachable, unwilling to work client I am talking about. If you want to get the most out of your training, tell your coach. Start by having a conversation with coach, letting them know you are willing to put in the effort it takes to achieve your goals. Tell your coach you want to be pushed and that even when you do not want to do something, if they ask, you will.

More importantly, show them! You will immediately notice a difference in the training you receive, the level of engagement, the positive energy, results will soon follow. If you do not want to get the most out of your training, trust me, they will gladly take your money as long as you are willing to give it to them.

18 Jun

It’s been almost 3 years since my accident, old lady ran my ass over while riding my mountain bike.
Had to relive the “growing pains” I had to go through getting to where I was right before I got it hit. Lower back scars 🤦🏻
This has by far been the largest physical challenge of my life – but it’s all been worth it.
To be back to an almost full recovery – very thankful and you can do anything you set your mind to.
Never doubt your inner strength – and please stop wearing masks while driving alone in your own damn car!

31 May

To me it’s not about weight loss, I tell all my clients to stay off the scale and to be comfortable in your own skin. Great job @_raquelorozco for sticking it out and finding your happiness.
Gyms will be open soon, DM me and get my Optimal Nutrition plan for FREE ($350.00 Value).
LIMITED OFFER – only the next 5 will receive the nutrition plan for free, sign up today!

30 May

Make your workouts fun, challenging and best to crush it with those who will bring out your best.
What accomplishments do you have planned for the upcoming months – time to rise up again after this long quarantine.

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