Personal Training

Custom tailored for the unique YOU!

Private or Personal Training can finally mean reaching your fitness goals and exemplify that part of your life. When you hire Todd Coburn, he will motivate you throughout your workout routines.

Todd Coburn will also deliver fun and well formulated exercises that you will be constantly changing with every appointment you make. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the effectiveness of ALL your hard work and dedication.

You can expect crafty and creative Personal Training sessions so you and your body do NOT Get tired of the same old routine, day after day…week after week. These extraordinary workouts are designed for all ages, men and women, young or elderly, just starting out or for the seasoned athlete.

His expertise in body mechanics, flexibility, chronic pain and nutrition fundamentals put Todd on a different playing field compared to other trainers. Todd also has a B.S. in Natural Health, and applies these principles for a far superior personal training EXPERIENCE.

personal training


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Why Hire a Personal Trainer

1. Results – Todd Coburn knows exactly how to push your body to give you the results you are looking for, I have 20 years of experience from training old to young, male and female, adults and children, post and pre op and recovering from an injury are all my specialties. Feel confident you are taking the proper approach to your new lifestyle, it’s very important someone highly trained is overseeing your progress, nutrition and keeping track of your workouts and nutrition intake throughout your journey.

2. Knowledge – I have an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to exercise and I love what I do. A very important factor for me is to teach my clients why they are doing a certain exercise, how the breathing will help them through the movement, how to hold the posture, and what to feel when they are doing it on their own. Many of my clients tell me, “I could hear your voice! ‘Chest up, shoulders down and back, back straight…’” and that is my goal! To be the little exercise voice inside my clients’ heads while they workout on their own.

3. Variety – It is very important to change up your workouts. People ask me to write out a routine for them to follow and I have a hard time doing that. When it comes to exercise you cannot get into a routine – if you want results, that is. You must constantly shock the body, keep it guessing, never let it plateau! The way I train my clients is always challenging and always different session to session.

4. Intensity – Many people I meet have a decent exercise regimen and know what weights will be challenging for them, but they may not push themselves through the last two or three repetitions. We, quite frankly, just get lazy when we workout on our own. I push my clients beyond what they thought their limits were. If they need to go to muscular failure on a certain exercise, I am there to coach and encourage them through those last few shaky and extremely fatigued repetitions. It pays off in the long run, believe me!

5. Functionality – It is very important to me to simulate everyday movements within workouts with my clients. I implement multi-jointed and multi-planar movements which can be difficult for people to do on their own without someone coaching them through the movement and telling them exactly where their feet need to be placed in relation to their hips, shoulders and head, for example. I like to make everyday living – unloading the dishwasher, pushing the lawn mower, gardening – easier and pain free! The exercises that I incorporate into your workouts will enhance your everyday functions.

Fitness Assessment (Individual)

Body Fat Percentage, Circumference Measurements, Movement Assessment, Postural Assessment, Flexibility Testing, Strength Testing, Cardiovascular Testing. Please allow 90 minutes for a full fitness assessment.


For the convenience of my clients, my training time slots are prearranged and scheduled in advance. Because of this, I adhere to a strict cancellation policy. I operate on a scheduled appointment basis for all sessions and require the client provide 24 hours notice when canceling an appointment. No charge will be levied should the client cancel with more than 24 hours notice and the client reschedules within (1) week of cancelled session.

If the client does not reschedule, the client will be charged half of the session fee. If the client cancels with less than 24 hours notice, the client will be charged in full. No shows will be charged the full session rate. The client must understand that all canceled sessions should be rescheduled to ensure consistency and fitness progress. In the event of an emergency or sudden illness, the 24 hour advance notice is not required.

Although, as soon as the client is able, a phone call explaining the circumstances will be expected and appreciated. The client will not be charged for an emergency or extenuating circumstances that happen to either the client or myself. The client will not be charged the session rate if I am unable to make the scheduled time due to an emergency, bad weather, or bad traffic.