Your Initial Consultation?

The consultation is probably the most important part of getting the right personal trainer for you. A consultation is required before hiring your personal trainer, this is for your safety.


Wear Proper Workout Gear Just In Case

It’s advisable to dress in workout gear as you will likely have your body fat percentage measured and sometimes will perform various exercises. Personal training consultations usually include everything from your personal history to where you grew up, current job to what hobbies you do in your spare time. For the most part it is your time for you to get to know the trainer as well as you can.

Filling out Paperwork

Your trainer will first either provide you with a few forms to fill out, most likely including a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and health-exercise history forms or ask you questions from a form which you will fill out.

Experience, Goals & Expectations

During the bulk of your will simply talk with the personal trainer about everything from your diet, to your training to your lifestyle, and anything else which arises. Be prepared to try talk about your diet and dietary supplements as well. Most personal trainers try to keep conversations focused during the consultation but they often are informal and off-topic.

Body Fat & Measurements

If you have goals related to your body composition your personal trainer may want to get quantitative measurements out of the way during the consultation. You will most likely receive either a skinfold body fat measurement or a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA).

Schedule Appointments for Training

If you hit it off with the trainer during the consultation and know 100% that this is the personal trainer you want to train with, the personal trainer will work with your schedule to book training sessions.