Boxing Fitness is a great way to increase stamina, pick up a useful skill like self-defense and more!

Personal Training

Todd Coburn is a Master at Personal Training when it comes to boxing, with over 20+ years experience, he has made an enormous impact in the fitness community in Oakland County Michigan.

Todd Coburn also offers Extreme Weight Loss, Group Fitness Classes (2-6 Individuals), Nutrition Services and In-Home Services.

Serving 8 years in the United States Marine Corps, Todd Coburn is no stranger to strength and endurance training. His workouts will build that inner core strength, increase your metabolism and push you farther than you ever expected.

Your workout routine will always be evolving, Todd Coburn believes that the key to changing yourself is continually changing your nutrition intake and exercise routine.


+1 (248) 798-4400

Personal Training

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