With the JUMP START NUTRITION PROGRAM, you’ll gain access to ALL the online eBooks, specific rules & guidelines, whole food list, recipes, and access to an online food journal. Sign up for our weekly articles specific to your interests once you’ve signed up. Simply click the button below to purchase, you’ll receive an email confirmation with further directions to gain access to your new online account.

The Jump Start Nutrition Program is a great step to fully understanding proper nutrition for those who are just starting out or taking your training to the next level. This program was designed to structure your eating habits, supply you with a full tool belt of knowledge and color coded food lists for simplicity. We DO NOT count calories, we ONLY count COLORS.


The COLOR counting system is so simple. It alleviates the tiresome struggle tracking and counting your calories, which misrepresents how to obtain a proper daily nutrition intake. For example: Take a piece of cake which let’s say is 300 calories and compare that to 300 calories worth of broccoli – it’s obviously clear the broccoli would benefit the body over the piece of cake.

Here’s another example: In order not to gain weight you restrict your calories, and so doesn’t that also mean you would also be restricting your valuable nutrients?? It’s simply not the best way to regulate what your body needs, it changes daily, so try and eat with your daily lifestyle. We must change our thinking about “health” and have a more scientific approach to wellness and optimal nutrition intake.

All COLORS have a specific frequency to them, as well as the COLORS you find in whole foods. We Utilize the 7 Chakras System which each Chakra is represented by a different COLOR. You’ll receive graphical charts when you sign up for the Jump Start program, and begin to use color combinations to stimulate certain aspects of the body. Using the color charts makes it a fun and exciting new approach to food nutrition. Throw away the scale immediately!! Just give this program 2 weeks and allow the system to naturally adjust your weight and greatly enhance your vitality, energy and your hard earned efforts in the gym.

This program is offered by Todd Coburn, he has a B.S. in Natural Health and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to whole food optimal nutrition. Optimal Nutrition plays a key role in obtaining results, get the most out of your time and investment, discuss this option with Todd when signing up for Personal Training.

The Jump Start Nutrition Program is the key to ALL our clients success stories. This is the core system that’s helped so many people fight ailments, lose drastic weight, relief from disease like conditions and even more energy. The “Jump Start” Nutrition Program was designed for ALL individuals and can be customized when you follow our easy to use step by step guidelines.


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