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What is Get Downsized??

The “GET DOWNSIZED” program is Michigan’s Leading Extreme Weight Loss Solution that everyone has been seeking. We’ve hired REAL professionals that work as a fine tuned machine, without a doubt you’ll know you’re in good hands.



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(I need to lose 10-40 lbs.)

(I need to lose 80-100+ lbs.)



What Get Downsized is NOT!!

This isn’t for those who seek an easy way out to their weight loss solution, or individuals that just want to have surgery to just cut out the problem which isn’t a permanent or healthy solution. You’ll obtain the best results by hard work and determination at all times, no gimmicks, no pills, no more counting calories ever again – we ONLY COUNT COLORS in order to evaluate your success. Expect nothing but RESULTS!!

Should I sign up?

This program suits those individuals looking to lose 30-100+lbs and can expect to lose 2-3 lbs. a week while under professional supervision from the Get Downsized staff. The Get Downsized Program has literally helped 100’s lose anywhere from 5-200+ lbs. and even saves many lives. You can be the next motivated individual that loses the next 100+lbs – we are excited to work with new individuals that need our help, sign up today!

What’s included when I sign up?

You may choose the ONLINE VIRTUAL WEIGHT LOSS (online only) or GET DOWNSIZED WEIGHT LOSS PLANS (if you live in Michigan – local residents). Once you sign up, you’ll receive a FOOD JOURNAL, RECIPES FOR WEIGHT LOSS, ONLINE GUIDELINES AND RULES OF ENGAGEMENT eBooks for optimal weight loss. Once you’ve completed the checkout process you’ll receive an email with step by step instructions.

Now that you have an answer to your weight loss problem, SIGN UP TODAY – being overweight is a choice. We’d like to help you obtain success in your mission to lose weight!!

Crazy Results in 2-4 Months

Train to your potential
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