Jump Start Nutrition Program

JUMP START NUTRITION PROGRAM Defined Personal Training experts are well verse when it comes to whole food nutrition and how to apply the proper amounts of nutrients for the body’s daily requirements. Optimal Nutrition plays a key role in obtaining results, get the most out of your time and financial

Alkaline Diet Plan

The truth about the Alkaline Diet Plan – Toxic acid-promoting foods include refined carbs, dairy and meats and poultry. These foods create the kind of acidic environment in your body that puts stress on your kidney and liver and may even increase the risk of diabetes. Foods that produce alkaline

Muscle Build Up Diet

The Muscle Build Up Diet is for those looking to put lean muscle mass on, we don’t recommend “Carbing-Up” as a way to increase size. This way of becoming larger only puts excessive water weight which then covers up all your hard work. An increase in high quality proteins is

Smoothies and Shakes

Get ready to be excited for the upcoming Smoothies and Shakes Recipes – we have spent relentless hours compiling the best tasting, most nutrient dense food ingredients and tasty power juices. You may also go to our favorite place for raw juices, Naked Fuel located near Maple Rd. and Orchard

Should You Be Eating Organic?

To answer this question properly, YES – of course you should be eating organic!! Unless you’d enjoy being poisoned slowly until your body just can’t take it any longer and shuts down. Herbacides and Pesticides are NOT poinsons but rather chemicals that turn the species of critters all female.

Ideal macros for breakfast

Perhaps more than any other meal, breakfast is at the mercy of our daily routine—or lack thereof. Even those of us who have heard that it’s “the most important meal of the day”—i.e., all of us—can sometimes be found skipping it while we panic to get out the door. Or

Protein isn’t just meat

There are various forms of protein, but when someone mentions protein the typical correlation is the consumption of some type of animal derived meat. There are many vegetable sources which contain a much cleaner more optimal protein better assimilated by the body. Vegetable Protein Animal Protein FOOD LIST OF HIGH