About Defined Personal Training

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ABOUT – Defined Personal Training was founded in 1999 by Todd Coburn, President/CEO, which started in a small kickboxing studio in West Bloomfield, Mi. Todd only offered One-On-One Training at the time, which included mostly boxing and small weights.

Defined Personal Training has now grown to over 2,500+ happy individuals, with a whole new outlook on life mentally, physically and spiritually. Todd has trained individuals from all over the country and clientele ranging from men, women, young adults 18 & under, professional athletes to comedians.

Todd’s proven track record speaks for itself, check out the Testimonials page and watch the transformation video collection. Real clients, real stories, they will tell you how they did it!! It’s no wonder people from the Oakland County area drive great distances to come train with an elite trainer.


About The Owner


ABOUT – Todd Coburn owner of Defined Personal Training has made an enormous impact in the fitness community in SE Michigan. Todd Coburn offers Weight Loss, Private Training, Small Group Training (2-6 Individuals), Fitness Classes, Nutrition Services and In-Home Services.

This new edge style of workouts will enhance every aspect of your body and you’ll see drastic transformations. Typical workout will consists of many of the following types of training: weight training, kickboxing, yoga, TRX, kettle bells, track workouts, boot camps and fitness classes.

B.S. Natural Health

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Todd also has a B.S. Natural Health and has helped 1000’s of people with chronic disease-like conditions like Diabetes, Obesity, Chrone’s, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Back Pain, Sport Injuries and more. Weight loss is another key service we offer, this is a whole plant based food system which allows for staggering results. Defined Personal Training your answer for all your health and well-being needs.

Ace Certified

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Todd Coburn is certified through ACE, IFFA Fitness Instructor, First Aid/CPR, and also carries a B.S. in Natural Health. During your training program he will motivate you, give you the right tools to see a noticeable difference within a couple weeks. Just IMAGINE being in the best shape of your life…it’s possible.


IFA Fitness Instructor Certified

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Todd Coburn is certified through IFFA Fitness Instructor Certified, Todd teaches amazing classes including Boot Camps, Group Fitness, Ashtanga & Yin Yoga, Kickboxing, Tread N Shred, TRX and Kettle Bells.