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Max Geederson

Defined Personal Training is really great in so many ways!! I was skinny but too unmotivated and shy to go to the gym. I had Todd Coburn as my elite personal trainer and now I noticed a positive change in my appearance. I am happy and now more confident with myself. I definitely recommend Todd Coburn to anyone looking for great quality personal training.

January 16, 2019

Lisa Weinbaum

Todd is an exceptional trainer, fitness instructor and nutrition expert. I’ve been training with him for over 8 years now and committed to his style of training, he’s also helped me through a few injuries and always a great source for nutrition advice!!

January 14, 2019

Jessica Harvey

Jessica changed a great deal about her eating and felt the difference withing the first couple weeks. Then the transformation started, she was so happy from all the compliments she started getting from her co-workers. They kept asking her what she was taking, she simply replied “I’m working with a new personal trainer Todd Coburn, he’s the best in the area, I highly recommend hiring him”.

January 14, 2019

Katy Greening

Once Katy started seeing the results, she became more determined than ever – she never gave up, never quite just kept performing until the new person she wanted transformed right before her eyes. After several months Katy new she made the right choice, especially when she stepped on the scale and broke the 100lbs. mark. She finally hit her goal and still continues to stay in peak performance since this is now her new lifestyle.

January 14, 2019

Carla Wren

“Todd motivated me like no other trainer has done before in my life. I’m not going to say it was an easy road, but neither was being 270 lbs. I felt miserable and didn’t like anything about myself. I feel amazing and now I’m a spinning instructor. I absolutely love what I do and this experience changed my life.” Carla Wren

October 21, 2015

Joe Culp

Joe Culp’s story is one that I’ll never forget, Joe had 2 weeks to live and needed help desperately. He joined the Get Downsized Program and had just about every chronic condition you could think of, and plenty of reasons why he shouldn’t be working out. He had the following health conditions: triple bi-pass, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, needed 2 knee replacements, dislocated shoulder, missing a spleen, bronchitis so bad he could barely breathe. Once he had finished his program, Joe left all his medications behind and reported all chronic conditions were alleviated from his body.

October 21, 2015


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