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Defined Personal Training

Founded in 1999
About Us - Defined Personal Training founded by Todd Coburn, and an elite personal trainer. He has over 18+ years of experience, served over 2,500 clients.

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San Diego County
Defined P.T. offers training locations and state of the art facilities. No matter where you live or work we will have a convenient place for your training sessions.

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Todd will help organize your weekly training schedule and offer the best recommended services. All clients receive a customized plan that best suit your specific fitness goals.

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Our core success is purely based on your results, with our client a retention rate of over 85% - we can guarantee results and complete customer satisfaction.



Todd Coburn

President - Owner
Todd Coburn server 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, after his tour he decided personal training was a passion he wanted to peruse and help other achieve their best.

B.S. Natural Health

Nutrition & Health Coach
Proudly obtained a B.S. in Natural Health, which means you have an added bonus when hiring him, he will educate you to perform your best with his expertise in nutrition.

Personal Achievement

He is accredited through ACE, IFFA, Yoga & Fitness Instructor, CPR/First Aid Certified, Health Coach and over 15+ years in boxing, kickboxing and self-defense training.

Humble Warrior

Total Dedication
No matter what level of your current training ability is, Todd will build a tailored regiment that is perfect for seeing results that keep you motivated to workout.


My name is Todd Coburn and I am a personal trainer in San Diego, here to be your coach, trainer and most of all, health and fitness ally. My interest in fitness began at the age of 19 when I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. I knew I needed a change in life and to see the world, while also challenging myself to be my absolute best.

While serving my tour I volunteered to be part of the bodybuilding team and entered my first Armed Forces NPC competition. I became fascinated in the abilities of the human body in the gym as well as on the field. From that point forward I was hooked. From improving athletic performance to losing weight, gaining muscle and optimizing health and well-being, fitness became my new passion in life.

I was continuously eager to learn about this industry and did ample amounts of research to gain knowledge in all aspects of the field. Along this exciting journey, I learned to maintain a fitness routine and how to improve my diet to enhance my appearance, mood and decision making.

After finishing my tour, I decided to become a personal trainer and went on to achieve certifications through ACE, IFAA and Center for Yoga Instruction and Boxing Coaching. After 4 years of study, I proudly achieved a B.S. in Natural Health. This allows me to address many chronic symptoms, help my clients conquer their goals.


Beyond fitness training, I offer private training, small group training, group exercise, as well as online coaching and nutrition services. I train clients at a private training studio called Self Made Training Facility in Mission Bay, San Diego. In addition, I offer training sessions in the beautiful outdoors around San Diego. My education with fitness is continuously expanding to pass on my knowledge to all my awesome clients.

If you choose me as your coach, I will make sure you accomplish your goals and leave every training session feeling better than when you arrived. I am dedicated to helping you whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, get those abs you’ve never seen or just become more comfortable in the gym.

I want to make sure you are receiving the best care and service possible. I will ensure that you learn how to perfect form, prevent injuries and optimize your nutrition. I believe that quality training provides quality results and will make sure that you reap the rewards of your hard work.

Helping clients and seeing their positive results while building relationships brings me energy, happiness, and makes me strive to work harder. So, what are you waiting for? Contact me now, and let’s start your new journey together!

TRAINING SESSIONS CAN INCLUDE: Weight Training, Boxing / Kickboxing, Body Weight Training, Stretching, Running, Endurance, Conditioning, Full Body Training, Martial Arts, Interval Training, TRX and a variety of other industry leading training methods.


Your transformation is our passion

Defined Personal Training offers fitness services in all San Diego county.

Personal Trainer Certifications

Todd Coburn carries multiple certifications through ACE, IFAA, Center for Yoga, Boxing Instructor and Health Coach.